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Sparrows can be perceived as harmless creatures of little menace, but they do very well to constitute groups and build nests in places that are hard to reach. They may destroy property and danger to health in the long run. Sparrows can do massive damage and can end up building nests in eaves and even in roof spaces, with precise results of smoke blockages in the ventilation system. That’s why sparrow control is necessary to have a better life.

Solutions For Controlling Sparrows

We also specialise in controlling sparrows, another common nuisance bird species. Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • We completely evaluate your premises, spot infestation zones and the most effective plan to provide house sparrow control solutions.
  • Based on the scrutiny, our assessment will enable us to tailor specific measures that will tackle the infestation’s root cause to obtain a long-term achievement.
  • We focus on sparrows control methods that ensure coexistence between humans and wildlife, with humans and wildlife’s safety and well-being as one of our main priorities.

Precautionary Measures

Follow these methods to keep yourself and your place safe from sparrows.  

  • Ensure the lids of garbage cans are shut very well, as it may assist the sparrows in accessing the food waste.
  • Maintaining trees, shrubs and bushes near your property, had to get their nests torn down to keep birds away.
  • Seal off any cracks or gaping holes in your real estate property, like vents and eaves, so the birds won’t be able to make their houses.
  • Install bird deters in areas near where sparrows frequent, which will be the spikes, nets, or scare devices for them not to nest because stopping them from sparrows pest control can stop their growth. 
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