CCTV Drain camera

CCTV Camera Surveys

To eradicate rodents, we have to find the original entry points. This is usually from underground drains where small cracks have formed as a result of damage or wear. Other entry points can include damaged walls and floorboards.

How can CCTV Camera Surveys help you?

We have specialist cameras that can be deployed up to 60 metres from the start point. This enables us to take photographs and videos from small spaces that would otherwise be difficult for a technician to reach. By determining the entry points for pests such as rodents, it means we can determine if repairs are needed to your property, such as: cracks, displaced joints, or damage from tree roots.


  • Minimally-invasive: technicians do not need to unnecessarily dig-up external property fittings, lift floorboards or cause damage to walls in order to locate entry points. 
  • Fast detection means you don’t pay for unnecessary labour rates
  • Extended range of up to 60 metres from the starting point.
  • Images and video can be shown to customers.
  • Increased diagnostic accuracy means you can be confident in any proposed treatment and prevention plan.
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Qualified technicians all over England, Scotland and Wales.



Industry-leading standards

Health and safety standards are met at all times. We guarantee no damage to your property during any work undertaken by us.



Eco-friendly Pest Control

We always aim to minimise our use of harmful chemicals by using alternative methods of pest control.

Leaving no entry points undetected.

Don’t let hidden pests disrupt your peace of mind.