Superior Pest Control Solutions in Liverpool, Merseyside

Copley Pest Solutions UK offers pest control services for domestic and commercial customers in Liverpool and throughout Merseyside.

Drawing on a wealth of skills and know-how, our pest control experts offer the highest quality service available, with removal of pests guaranteed. This not only offers protection for your own health but it also ensures the safety of the surrounding environment. Contact us today and we’ll eradicate your pest infestation immediately.



Are birds, mice or cockroaches taking over your property? You need a local pest control company in Liverpool like Copley Pest Solutions UK. We understand that infestations at all levels are stressful and unsanitary so you need to find a solution quickly - that’s where we can help.

Our pest solutions in Liverpool are effective and affordable. We’ll assess the severity of your infestation and use our years of experience to find a permanent solution to protect your home or business. Pests can be found anywhere, between your basement, garden, roof and walls. We use the strongest environmentally safe eradication for rodent removal in Liverpool, bed bugs and more.

Choose our pest control team in Liverpool to deal with any of the following pests:

  • Ants

  • Bed Bugs

  • Bird Proofing

  • Cockroaches

  • Flies

  • Fleas

  • Mice

  • Wasps

  • Rats

  • Service Contracts

We can guarantee quick, efficient results performed by our experienced team of exterminators. Contact us today on 0800 302 9447 if you have a common pest problem or another concern that we may be able to help with today.

Our Pest Control in Liverpool Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

The team at Copley Pest Solutions UK pride themselves on their effective Liverpool pest control services and the timely manner in which this is carried out leaving customer satisfaction. Our team of highly trained exterminators always arrive on time and are ready to get the job done. We understand the severity of the situation and the uneasiness or paranoia that comes with something as invasive as a pest infestation. This is the motivation to our speediness, so we can bring the feeling of safety and security back into your life.

The pest control solutions we use are environmentally friendly, so there is no need to worry about how it might affect your home, garden, office or pets. During the procedure, it is best if the area to be treated is vacated, however upon our completion your home and the surrounding area is perfectly safe.

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Get the immediate response you deserve with a free instant quote for our Liverpool pest control services. Don’t put it on hold, you need to act today. Pests will absolutely take advantage of the extra time you spend waiting to make a move. Stay ahead of those pesky pests and get the solution you need today before it gets worse.

Contact Us for Any Questions about Pest Control in Liverpool

If you have any questions regarding our services or don't see the pest you are having trouble with on the list above, then feel free to contact us to discuss your issue. We’re happy to talk and come up with the best solution to fit your needs.