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Bird Proofing Services

In the UK, it’s illegal to kill birds, remove nests or destroy eggs unless you have a licence which permits you to do so. The permanent solution of bird control is bird proofing with fixed installation systems. These systems can be installed in a variety of settings, and available in a range of sizes.
Copley Pest Solutions offers a range of Bird Proofing services to prevent any nuisance birds from causing disruption or damage. All our technicians are trained to equip your premises to any necessary requirements.

Examples of Bird proofing include:

  1. Bird netting: a discrete barrier that prevents birds from entry without causing harm. Available in different sizes to suit your needs.
  2. Bird exclusion mesh: durable mesh system  that is more robust than traditional bird netting. Examples include preventing birds nesting underneath solar panels. 
  3. Bird spikes: prevent birds perching or roosting by making the surface difficult to inhabit. Examples include narrow window ledges. Ideal for areas of heavy infestation. 
  4. Bird wire: an almost invisible tensioned wire that helps deter birds from perching. 
  5. Fire gel (optical bird gel): placed small pods in specific locations (e.g. on rooftops) that provides unpleasant visual stimuli to nuisance birds. 
  6. Bird Scarers: such as Laser deterrents, Bio acoustic systems and bird alert. 
  7. Ground nesting bird deterrent: using humane deterrents to stop birds nesting. Removal of eggs and nests from your site. 
All systems are custom made to suit your individual requirements when installed by our experienced technicians.

Reasons for bird deterrence:

  • Birds can damage your structure by building nests in different places. Also, their acidic droppings can cause immense damage to building materials like wood, metal, and even stone.
  • They also damage your property’s overall appearance. 
  • Hygiene concerns from spread of bacteria and viruses, found in feathers and bird droppings. Common pathogens include E.coli. 
  • Noise pollution can become an issue if nuisance birds gather in and around your property. An example is seagulls in early morning hours.
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We always aim to minimise our use of harmful chemicals by using alternative methods of pest control.

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