Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Copley Pest Solutions offer affordable and effective pest control service to homeowners all across the UK. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to homeowners across the UK.
Pest control within households is unpleasant for most people whether it’s an ant infestation in the Kitchen or you’re suspicious that rodents have entered your premises. Pests bring bacteria and other viruses with them into your home, therefore keeping your home pest-free is important for a healthy living space. With our expertise and more than 10 years of experience in pest control, we guarantee your home stays safe and secure; giving you peace of mind.

Examples of Pest problems within households:

  • Nesting: Birds and some rodents can take advantage of gaps in the building structure to create nesting areas in remote insulated areas such as the loft, or within walls. 
  • Noise pollution: pests can accumulate in an area and cause disruption, examples include pigeons accumulating on dormer rooftops, where they are difficult to dislodge.
  • Hazards: pests can chew through electrical wiring and other structures like piping. This can cause structural damage. 
  • Hygiene control: uncontrolled spread of microorganisms can lead to contaminated food and cause illness.
  • Damage to property: such as sofas and mattresses where bugs can nest.

Why it’s necessary to get Pests dealt with straight away:

  1. Stay Safe and Healthy: Reduce the risk of bites, stings, and diseases spread by insects and rodents. This is important for those who have children or vulnerable persons on the premises. 
  2. Keep your home clean & tidy: Maintain a tidy and inviting outdoor space without unsightly webs, nests, or droppings.
  3. Long-Term Savings: Investing in pest control now can save you from bigger problems down the road, like costly infestations. Pest infestations take longer to eliminate which would accumulate avoidable labour costs for customers.
  4. Improved Quality of Life: Living in a pest-free environment means you can fully enjoy your home without the annoyance and discomfort that pests bring.

Appropriate steps to implement as a Homeowner:

  1. Schedule regular site inspections: technicians can perform site inspections produce a summary report to give Homeowners reassurance
  2. Educate anyone living within your household on procedures as to storing food, clearing and how to spot signs of pest infestations so that any issues can be addressed promptly. 
  3. Implement advice from qualified Pest Control technicians such as sealing entry points or waste disposal procedures which help prevent long term problems.
At Copley Pest Solutions, it’s our job to tackle pests so that you don’t have to. No matter where you live in the UK. Whether it’s in a city apartment or a country house, our team is always within reach to keep your home clean and pest-free.
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Qualified technicians all over England, Scotland and Wales.



Industry-leading standards

Health and safety standards are met at all times. We guarantee no damage to your property during any work undertaken by us.



Eco-friendly Pest Control

We always aim to minimise our use of harmful chemicals by using alternative methods of pest control.

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