Rotech Bullet Rat RTU


  • Rotech Bullet is a ready-to-use, non-toxic rat box trap with a snap trap secured inside.
  • Designed to protect the user’s hands, there is no need to touch the traps to set them.
  • Highly discreet, safe and easy to use.
  • Supplied with a key for access.





A ready-to-use, non-toxic rat box with a Snap Trap secured inside, eliminating the need to touch the trap with the operator’s hand. Complete with a rat trap.

This product is made here in the UK. With the rising costs of importing products, it has never been a better time to buy British. Buying UK-made products helps reduce our carbon footprint and supports UK manufacturers. We’re proud to be a UK manufacturer and supporter of UK trade and pride ourselves on manufacturing and sourcing the highest-quality UK-made products wherever possible.

1env Carbon Footprint Promise

At 1env, we’re always looking at ways to cut our carbon footprint. This is why we produce our black plastic products from recycled plastics. In the last year alone, we saved over 147 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. As our Rotech plastic boxes are made in-house at our manufacturing facility in Southend-on-Sea, the carbon footprint of importing products from abroad has also been removed. As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and distributors of pest control products, we take our responsibilities very seriously and recognise the importance of taking necessary steps to reduce our environmental impact.


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