Birdfree Gels (Pack of 15)


  • Ready-to-use bird-repellent gel dishes from Bird Free.
  • They can be used on various surfaces and stuck in a place with silicon.
  • Keeps pigeons and other birds away from man-made structures.
  • Quick and easy to install with no mess and no decanting from a cartridge.
  • Discreet low-profile alternative to spikes and netting.
  • Cost-effective with one case treating up to 4 linear metres.




The Bird Free repellent gels are ideal for anyone with a recurring pigeon or bird control problem. They are easy to use and highly effective if you follow the recommended spacing guidelines for maximum efficiency. This pack of 15 bird-repellent gels is a discreet alternative to other bird control measures, such as nets and spikes. They last for more than three years, making them highly cost-effective.


  1. Before application, clean the site thoroughly, removing all nests, faeces and bird matter.
  2. Once completely clean, affix the gel dishes to the surface, ensuring it is scorched, following the guidelines outlined below:
    1. Low pressure (day roosts): 250mm
    2. Medium pressure (night roosts): 200mm
    3. High pressure (nesting sites): 150mm
  3. According to Bird Free, the dishes remain effective for at least three years. If you notice birds returning after this time, follow these steps again.

Fix dishes as shown below:

Low pressure/day roosts:
25cm (centre to centre)
Medium pressure/night roosts:

20cm  (centre to centre)

High pressure/nesting sites:
15cm (centre to centre)


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