Food & Hospitality

Food & Hospitality

The hospitality sector includes Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes. The businesses in this sector must have a reputation for excellent hygiene standards to ensure customers are safe and secure on their premises. Therefore, the hospitality industry cannot risk any disruption to business operations from unwanted pests.
Pests such as rodents, ants, and cockroaches will always target a source of food, such as restaurants. With these pests comes bacteria and viruses, such as E.coli and Leptospirosis. By putting customers at risk, you risk making their visit unpleasant. Effective pest prevention begins by understanding what sort of pest problems you’re likely to experience, while taking proactive steps to prevent an incident. All our technicians are trained to conduct a full risk assessment of your premises and make appropriate recommendations based on industry best practices.

For acute episodes, common methods that can be employed include:

  • Baiting: Place attractants in areas frequented by pests like kitchens and dining areas. Once lured in, pests can then be trapped or eliminated using pesticides.
  • Trapping: Physically capture pests using various traps like sticky traps, snap traps, or glue boards. Effective for mice, rats, and flying insects.

Prevention strategies can include:

  • Spotta digital detection systems
  • Sanitation: Store food and garbage in sealed containers, regularly clean and sanitise surfaces, and train employees on proper sanitation practices.
  • Inspection and Monitoring: Regularly inspect all areas of the facility, including kitchens and restrooms, for signs of pests like droppings or gnaw marks. Monitor for early pest detection.
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