Professional Wasp Removal Solutions in Yorkshire and the North West

Protect your family and home from harm by arranging for our technicians to remove wasp nests from your property. Wasps can cause significant damage to your home as they tend to eat plaster, which can be costly to repair.


Therefore, you must call in our experts to ensure the safe removal of the wasps and to prevent further damage occurring. Please contact us in Yorkshire and the North West for additional information on our wasp nest removal services.

Wasp Removal

If you have ever been stung by a wasp, you will know that they have a painful sting. Your body produces histamine when a wasp stings you, which can be life-threatening in some instances. If you see a nest in or around your home, you must not try to remove it as this may cause more damage.

Often, bees and wasps set up nests, hives, or swarms in the cavities or the structures of your property’s walls. If left, the problem will worsen, and you may have to pay a lot of money to repair the damage.

Beehives are full of honey, which can cause significant damage to your home. Moreover, when wasps form a nest in the cavity of your walls, they start to eat at the plaster, which is never a good sign. The most obvious indicator that you have a wasp’s nest in your property is bubbling in your walls or ceilings. We highly recommend calling in the experts instead of disturbing the nest as you may regret your decision.

How to Safely Remove Wasps from Your Home

We strongly advise against removing wasps from your home if you are not a pest technician. At Copley Pest Solutions UK, we have a small team of licensed technicians who use personal protective equipment and know exactly how to remove wasps safely. There have been countless occasions where our clients risked removing a wasp’s nest themselves, which resulted in them getting stung and ending up in hospital. Don’t make the same mistake, call in the experts!

If you do spot a nest, hive, or swarm, make sure you steer clear of it and remove any pets from the area. We also advise storing food sources, including sugar and protein inside where it is secure. Bees and wasps feed on sugar and protein-based foods, including pet food, so make sure you store this in a safe area.

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