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Cockroaches have the ability to enter your home in various ways, either through holes and cracks in the building or by being transported into the building. Contact our experts for more information.


Cockroaches are known to reproduce at a very fast rate. Moreover, when just a few eggs survive, multiple cockroaches can produce. Due to how fast they breed, you must use an effective method to properly remove them. Many of our clients assume that a general pesticide from a shop will be enough to permanently remove cockroaches from an area, but this is not the case, and as well as removing the cockroaches, you must put measures in place to stop their return. Another issue is that cockroaches are increasingly becoming more resistant to pesticides, meaning that the removal of them is a lot harder than removing other pests. We have acquired many years in business, and we are confident that only our measures work to remove cockroaches permanently. You may be able to buy over-the-counter pesticides, but we can almost guarantee that these will be ineffective.

There are many preventative measures you can put into place to stop cockroaches from spreading through your premises. For example, you should fill in cracks and crevices in your building as cockroaches use these for nests and pathways. Moreover, Oriental cockroaches are attracted to damp spaces, therefore, it is important to seal all water pipes and joints around the building. Even a small leak can provide the perfect space for a cockroach nest!

It goes without saying that cockroach infestations are linked to hygiene issues. Having said this, cockroach infestations can occur in clean environments, but the chances of this are a lot less likely. You may be unsurprised to know that if you leave food exposed and lying about, you are likely to attract cockroaches to the area.

Moreover, if you keep your environment clean, tidy, and ventilated, you are less likely to suffer from a cockroach infestation as the cockroaches do not have anywhere to hide. It is also important to note that cockroaches hate being out in the cold, so if they cannot find anywhere unexposed, they will move onto to a different area.

Both German and Oriental cockroaches hate the light, so you can use the same method to remove both. Usually, cockroaches only make an appearance at night-time, and when they do, they will try to stay in the shadows. You may be unaware but German cockroaches are fast and skilled climbers. Due to the fastness and athletic ability of German cockroaches, it is harder to spot them. If you do see one, you have either caught them by surprise or forced them out of their usual environment. But don’t be fooled, for every cockroach you see, there will be plenty more hiding in the background!

What Type of Cockroach Do I Have?

It is very easy to differentiate between German and Oriental cockroaches. German cockroaches are small and fast with a light brown colour and wings that extend just beyond the body, whereas Oriental cockroaches are larger, rounder, and are brown or black with a distinctive shine. If we had to say which one of these cockroaches looks most like a cockroach, we would say the Oriental. You will most likely see a German cockroach indoors as the Oriental cockroaches much prefer damp, dark environments.

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