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Birds are a beautiful part of nature, but when they start nesting in areas of your property, they can become very problematic. For additional information on the effective bird control services we provide throughout Yorkshire and the North West, please get in touch.



Birds can damage buildings and materials as well as causing health problems. Often, people are unaware of the impact that birds can cause when they congregate in an area.

  • Birds, Bird Droppings, and Nesting Materials Carry Transmittable Diseases and Ectoparasites

  • Bird Droppings Are Highly Acidic and Can Stain and Corrode Building Materials

  • Bird Nests Can Clog Drains and Pose a Fire Risk Near Lighting or Other Features

  • Bird’s Nests Can Host Bird Mites

  • Bird Droppings Can Contaminate Standing Bodies of Water Such as Pools, Spas, and Lake Shore Areas

  • Pest Birds Such as Crows and Pigeons May Be Driving Away Desirable Songbirds from Your Property

  • Birds Can Wreak Havoc on Backyard Gardens and Crops

If you allow birds to nest or roost, the problem will only get harder to deal with as birds are very territorial, especially when they have inhabited an area. Therefore, it is important to tackle the problem immediately as it will save you both time and money in the long term.

Health Risk

Did you know that birds, bird droppings, and nesting materials carry 60 different diseases and ectoparasites? Alarmingly, dried bird droppings found near ventilation systems can travel through buildings, which then leads to the spread of infection.

Devalued Property

Bird nests and droppings spoil the visual appeal of your property. But more importantly, if you allow birds to nest at your property for a long time, you may face a dispute with your neighbours as the spread of disease and ectoparasites is likely. Birds nests and their droppings can also devalue your property, so act now.

Cost/Time of Clean-Up

Removing bird droppings or nesting materials from your home, backyard, boat, or other areas means that you are exposing yourself to hazardous materials. As well as potentially harming yourself, you also waste a lot of your time on regular clean-ups.

Property Damage

The acid in bird droppings can cause significant damage to your property. If this happens, you will have to pay for the replacement or restoration of building materials which can be costly!

Clogged Drains

Your property’s drains may become blocked due to bird droppings and nesting materials. This can then lead to other more serious problems such as flooding.

Lost or Damaged Crops

If you are a gardener, you will most likely know that birds are a nuisance, especially when they destroy your crops. You may spend all season planting your garden, then birds parachute in and eat all your crops, which is why you need to call in our experts to deal with the problem!

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