Councils, Estate Agents and Landlords

Landlords have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure they provide a safe and habitable living space for their tenants. As pest infestations can lead to health hazards, legal consequences can arise for landlords for failure to adequately implement pest control measures within an appropriate time frame.
Copley Pest Solutions work with local Councils across the UK to provide rapid pest control and setting up the necessary preventative measures to avoid recurrences. Our proactive approach means costs are reduced substantially in Council owned buildings, property and housing. Copley Pest Solutions have extensive experience with managing multiple sites across the UK on behalf of Landlords or Estate Agents. We offer the option of corporate account contracts with fixed terms which has proven to be very popular with Landlords and Estate Agents across the UK.

Why it’s necessary to get Pests dealt with straight away:

  1. Legal obligations to tenants 
  2. Stay Safe and Healthy: Reduce the risk of bites, stings, and diseases spread by insects and rodents. This is important for those who have children or vulnerable persons on the premises. 
  3. Keep your home clean & tidy: Maintain a tidy and inviting outdoor space without unsightly webs, nests, or droppings.
  4. Long-Term Savings: Investing in pest control now can save you from avoidable problems down the road, like pest infestations. Pest infestations take longer to eliminate which would accumulate avoidable labour costs for customers.
  5. Improved Quality of Life: Living in a pest-free environment means you can fully enjoy your home without the annoyance and discomfort that pests bring.

Appropriate steps for property maintenance:

  • Prompt response to tenant complaints: failure to respond to tenant complaints can risk legal consequences for landlords. 
  • Schedule regular site inspections: technicians can perform site inspections on behalf of tenants and product a summary report to give Landlords reassurance
  • Educate tenants and site caretakers on procedures as to storing food, clearing and how to spot signs of pest infestations so that any issues can be addressed promptly.
  • Implement advice from qualified Pest Control technicians such as sealing entry points or waste disposal procedures which help prevent long term problems.
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