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Birds can cause significant damage to your commercial premises. Therefore, it is important to call in the experts when you notice a bird’s nest in your property. To take advantage of our bird control services, please contact our experts in Yorkshire and the North West.


Bird Control

As well as providing many health risks, birds can damage buildings as well as the materials in them when roosting or nesting. People are often shocked by how much damage birds can cause, and although they are a beautiful part of nature, they can cause many problems for your business. Some of the main reasons why bird control is important include:

  • Birds, Bird Droppings, and Nesting Materials Carry Transmittable Diseases and Ectoparasites

  • Bird Droppings Are Highly Acidic and Can Stain and Corrode Building Materials

  • Bird Nests Can Clog Drains and Pose a Fire Risk Near Lighting or Other Features

  • Bird’s Nests Can Host Bird Mites

  • Bird Droppings Can Contaminate Standing Bodies of Water Such as Pools, Spas, and Lake Shore Areas

  • Pest Birds Such as Crows and Pigeons May Be Driving Away Desirable Songbirds from Your Property

  • Birds Can Wreak Havoc on Backyard Gardens and Crops

If you notice a bird’s nest and do nothing about it, you are doing yourself no favours as the longer birds can nest or roost in an area, the harder it will be to remove them. Moreover, if birds are left to inhabit an area for a long period, they will defend it as their territory. Therefore, it is better to deal with birds straightaway instead of leaving the problem to worsen.

Health Risk

You may be unaware but birds, bird droppings, and nesting materials can carry up to 60 different diseases and ectoparasites. Furthermore, dried bird droppings discovered near ventilation systems can travel through buildings, thus increasing the risk of infection.

Removing Bird’s Nests from Your Property

You want to impress clients when they visit your business premises, therefore you should remove all bird dropping and nests. Moreover, when birds nest at your property, the risk of diseases and ectoparasites is increased.

Cost/Time of Clean-Up

Focus on progressing your company instead of spending your valuable time cleaning bird droppings and nesting. When regularly cleaning bird droppings and nesting materials, you are also endangering yourself because of the hazardous materials.

Property Damage

Bird droppings are also highly acidic and can even cause damage to building materials and stain fabrics. You may need to replace or restore the building materials if you leave droppings on them.

Clogged Drains

Droppings and nesting materials are known to clog drains and gutters. This increases the risk of flooding due to the problems on the roof.

Lost or Damaged Crops

Birds are a nuisance for destroying crops in gardens, which is why the area needs to be properly protected.

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