Why is it Important to Remove Bird Infestations?

When birds flock in the wrong location can it cause real problems around your home or business. Pigeons, for example, often live in large groups and their presence can be very intrusive especially when you leave them to become territorial – that’s why it’s always best to deal with birds promptly.

Here are some of the top reasons for removing bird infestations.

Droppings can spread diseases

Did you know that bird droppings can affect your health? There are serious health risks associated with bird droppings as they carry as many as 60 different diseases and when these particles are inhaled your health can deteriorate.

Nests can encourage insect infestations

Nesting materials, droppings and the general presence of birds is a surefire way of encouraging other pests such as bird mites. They live on the surface of birds and feed on their blood but it’s not uncommon for them to enter properties and attach themselves to humans.

You may experience property damage

There are a number of ways that bird can cause property damage. Firstly, the acidity of their droppings can cause stains, dissolve materials and result in corrosion to masonry and paintwork. The cost of getting all of this repaired can be high so always get bird infestations sorted before the damage progresses into something more serious.

Your property can drop in value

Ignoring bird infestations and their effects is not the best course of action as it will be much harder to deal with. Furthermore, you may experience a decrease in property value if birds take a hold of your home or business – buyers don’t want to deal with that and the condition of your property can deteriorate massively.

At Copley Pest Solutions, we offer bird control services throughout Yorkshire and North West England. If you’ve spotted clear signs of a bird infestation such as a nest of droppings, our team will assess the situation and find the best course of action. Get in touch with us today for more information.