Where Do Pests Hide in Hotels?

Working in the hospitality industry means you need to provide a hospitable environment, however, if you’re battling with a pest infestation this can instantly damage your reputation and customer experience. Always keep your business safe with professional pest control management.

Here’s all you need to know.

Common locations for pests in hotels

Hotels can be hotspots for pests of all kinds. With the number of people coming in and out of the building, large supply of food and endless places to hide, you’ve got to be on top of your cleaning standards and quick to react when you find any sign of pests.

Here are some common hotel locations where pests may find themselves:

Hotel rooms

Think about how many guests stay in your hotel everyday. With some many people sleeping in your hotel beds this makes bed bugs even more of a risk! Always keep your rooms clean and tidy to prevent infestations and ensure that your rooms don’t become an attractive breeding ground!


Commercial hotel kitchens store a lot of fresh food and ingredients so pests may do everything they can to get in! Be mindful of this especially when it comes to rats and mice – a rodent infestation is very unhygienic and could affect your hotel rating if it is not dealt with appropriately. Ensure that items in your kitchen are properly stored and aren’t easy to reach by pests.

Communal spaces

Luggage rooms, receptions, dining areas and other communal spaces shouldn’t be overlooked when dealing with pests. Although in most cases pests like to hide in small gaps or quiets spots, communal areas can also be host to pests so pay extra attention as you don’t want your guests getting a fright!

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