How to Keep Your Hotel Rooms Clean

As a hotel owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your hotel rooms pristine whether you run a cosy B&B or a 5* hotel. A dirty hotel room isn’t going to create a good first impression and letting your hygiene slack could result in low ratings as well as pest infestations which puts your business at risk of health and safety issues.

Here are some top tips for keeping your hotel rooms clean and tidy.

Air out the room

When tidying rooms in between guests, it’s a good idea to air out the room to let in fresh air. Not only will this prevent dust and allergens from remaining on the surface of items and furniture, but it will improve the general ventilation and smell of the space.

Strip the bed and change the towels

Changing the bedding and bathroom towels is something that should always be done before new guests arrive. Bed linen contains sweat and dirty so by not changing it you’re increasing the chances of skin irritations and poor hygiene within the room such as bedbugs. Nobody wants to sleep in a dirty bed so always prioritise linen changes.

Sanitise touch points

Light switches, door handles and buttons are all touchpoints that guests are going to be using so to eliminate the spread of bacteria and germs, keep them sanitised. Using disinfectant spray to wipe over these surfaces, this may only take a few minutes in your cleaning routine but it can make a big difference.

Clean behind fixtures and fittings

Of course, it’s important to tidy the main areas of the hotel room such as around the bed and in the bathroom but don’t forget about behind your fixtures and fittings. These areas are hotspots for dust and dirt to accumulate and as a result, pests may find them to be the perfect area to hide. Keeping on top of this with a quick tidy during every room clean will make it easier to manage.

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