How to Keep Rodents Away From Your Restaurant

A rodent infestation is an absolute nightmare for any restaurant; it’s a health hazard for customers and a closure can cost you dearly in terms of money and your reputation. Rats and mice are common restaurant pests but they pose a serious risk.

Spotting even one rodent, one time, should be enough to spur you into action and it’s important to impose preventative measures too. If you want to keep rodents away from your restaurant and ensure it’s as hygienic as possible, see below for our top tips.

Manage your rubbish properly

Mice and rats are more likely to be attracted to a property if there are plenty of overflowing bins for them to scavenge from. Ensure you’re emptying all bins regularly and don’t leave rubbish scattered about anywhere near your restaurant. Make sure your bins are collected regularly and consider investing in large, lockable skip bins if your rubbish isn’t collected as frequently.

Seal any holes

Don’t give rodents the chance to enter your restaurant; seal up any holes or large cracks behind cabinets, skirting boards, near pipes or in the flooring. Rats can squeeze through holes that are just 1cm wide, so don’t leave anything to chance! Expanding foam is a good option or call a professional pest company to get their opinion.

Proper food storage

This is essential and all food (both cooked and uncooked) should be stored in sealed, airtight containers. This prevents rodents from being attracted to your premises in the first place and it also reduces contamination if rodents are present. Never leave food out in the open either; ensure everything is stored in the fridge or sealed in a container and placed on a pantry shelf.

Regular cleaning

Restaurants should maintain impeccable hygiene for many reasons and repelling rodents is just one of them. Grease, food scraps and rubbish all attract mice and rats, so thoroughly clean your restaurant and kitchen on a daily basis. Wipe up liquid or food spills as soon as possible and perform regular deep cleans to keep everything sanitary.

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