Five Things That Could be Attracting Pests into Your Home

Pests can get anywhere and everywhere, especially in your home. To most pests, domestic properties can be very appealing as they provide a source of food, shelter and warmth making them the perfect location to thrive! However, for you, as a homeowner pests can be very intrusive and unsettling.

Here are five factors that could make your home attractive to pests.


Spillages, crumbs and leftover food are all loved by pests! Be mindful of any food that is left out for long periods of time or crumbs as they may be sniffed out by pests who will enjoy the extra treat and may set up camp in your home. You may notice food around your home or even nibble marks elsewhere.


Overflowing bins are not only unhygienic but can be very attractive to all kinds of pests including cockroaches and ants. Always empty your bins before they start overflowing and don’t leave outside bins with the lid open as this makes it even easier for pests to access the rubbish. Make sure when you take out the rubbish it is bagged and the bin is tightly closed. Something as simple as this will prevent pests and stop them from making their way into your home.


Everyone has clutter in their home but leaving piles of items can make a great spot for pests to hide! If you have clutter in your garage, attic or other areas in your property then it’s a good idea to keep it as organised as you can or you may be faced with an infestation hidden amongst your items!


As well as pests liking warmth some also like damp, cold areas. Damp can appear anywhere so instead of leaving it untreated, resolve any damp issues including leaky fixtures so you don’t attract any unwanted guests!

Gaps and hidden spaces

You’d be surprised how easily pests can fit into tiny gaps in your home. If you spot any cracks and gaps that could make your home vulnerable then make sure they’re covered and filled before they become occupied!

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