Five Steps to Handling a Pest Infestation

When pests enter your home or business you’ll want to get the problem sorted quickly before it escalates – that’s where professional pest control services are essential. Each infestation will be treated differently depending on the type of pest that’s being dealt with and the severity of the situation.

Here are five important steps that pest control teams will follow.

1.  Identifying the pest

The first step is to identify the type of pest that needs to be dealt with. In most cases, you will have seen the pest or will see strong signs that indicate which type of pest is in your premises. For example, gnaw marks are usually a sign of mice or rats.

2.  Assessing the severity of the infestation

Next it’s time to identify just how big or small the infestation is. Nest can grow rapidly when an infestation is left untreated so it’s important to understand exactly how many pests there are. Furthermore, the severity of the case may also be identified through property damage.

3.  Understanding the pests’ habits

Once the pest has been identified it’s essential that their habits are also analysed such as where they eat, the location of the nest and how they’re getting into the property. Not only will this information help with the removal but knowing their activity pattern will also prevent further issues.

4.  Recognising the cause of the problem

There are many reasons why people experience pests. Poor sanitation, available food, hidden gaps and clutter are just some of the common causes. What’s attracting pests into your home or business? By recognising the source of the problem this can be rectified so ongoing problems do not occur again.

5.  Finding the best solution

The last but most important step is finding a solution. Using all of the above information a professional pest control team will find an effective removal solution using various products and techniques to clear the infected spaces. As well as this, preventative measures can be used for optimum long-term results.

At Copley Pest Solutions UK you can rely on us to handle your pest infestation across North East England. From cockroaches to rats, we have experience handling a range of pests no matter how bad the problem is. Let us find a fast solution today – get in touch with us for more information.