8 Pest Control Tips to Get Rid of Bugs

In Autumn, cockroaches often make their home in air conditioning ducts and vents! So be sure to keep them out of yours this season.

Pests are not only an inconvenience that can make living in your home uncomfortable, but they can also damage your home’s physical structure.

If you haven’t been having much luck getting rid of pests or want to know how to keep them out, you can do a few things to keep your home free of pests. But, first, take a look at the following pest control tips.

1. Keep a Clean Kitchen

One of the reasons why pests enter a home is because they are looking for food and water. Unfortunately, one of the first places they like to look for these two things is the kitchen.

If your kitchen is not clean and you have garbage or trash that is not correctly stored, it is a prime target for ants and other insects to feed. Keeping your kitchen clean is one of the bests ways to ensure that bugs don’t get what they are looking for inside your home.

2. Avoid Standing Water

Sometimes standing water is unavoidable when there is inclement weather. Check your home to see if there are any areas where water settles when it rains.

Fix these areas so water cannot stand in them and become stagnant. Stagnant water is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Once mosquitoes breed, they will find their way inside your home. Diseases caused by mosquitoes can be deadly. You can avoid all this by checking to make sure that there are no areas that collect water around your home.

3. Get Rid of Garbage

As mentioned before, bugs and insects like to find water and food inside your home. One way they can easily do this is if garbage is not disposed of regularly. Accumulating garbage in and around your home can lead to rat and cockroach infestations.

If rotten food particles can be found inside or outside of your home, it signals to insects that they can approach your home and feed. Get rid of your garbage regularly to avoid this.

4. Keep Your Garden Neat

What happens outside the home is just as important as what happens inside your home if you want to keep bugs away. Make sure that you keep a well-maintained garden at all times.

Fill up any holes or pits where water can accumulate in your garden. If you have a water source in your backyard, such as a fountain or a small pond, you should ensure that it is cleaned regularly.

Prune your trees and try to prevent them from getting too tall. Keeping your garden clean will help keep annoying pests such as mosquitoes and rats out of it. Unfortunately, these pests may find their way inside your home from your garden, so keeping your garden clean is a must.

Remember that you may need a special license to remove some pests from your yard as they may be protected.

5. Fix Entrances

One of the most common ways for bugs to get into a home is simply walking in. They may walk in. through cracks in doors and windows. Make sure that these are correctly sealed at all times. 

If they need fixing, you should fix them sooner rather than later, especially during the summer, when bugs are very active and like to use tiny spaces to enter homes.

6. Put Fruits and Vegetables Away

Putting fruits and vegetables away promptly is essential to avoid attracting flies and insects. When fruits and vegetables become overripe, they tend to attract pests. 

Ripening fruit can start to attract flies, cockroaches, and ants. So if you want to get rid of them, you must ensure you do not leave overripe fruits on kitchen counters or elsewhere.

7. Look at Home Exteriors

The exterior of your home needs to be examined regularly. You should look to see if you see any cracks or gaps along the foundation of your home. Check for loose sidings and check your roof to see if there are any missing shingles on your home. 

All these are entrances for bugs and pests to get into your home. Therefore, a home inspection of these areas is something you must do at least once per month to ensure that there are no new developments that can allow bugs to get into your home.

8. Clean Your Home

Keeping bugs out of your home does not have to be complicated. However, sometimes the best pest prevention is ensuring your home is as clean as possible.

Vacuum, mop, and do other household chores that will keep the home clean regularly. Make sure that whenever a mess is made, it is cleaned up immediately. This will prevent bugs from crawling into your home.

Pest Control Tips That Work

Keeping your home as clean as possible is the only way to ensure that bugs do not enter it. Fortunately, there are a lot of pest control tips that can ensure that your home is not susceptible to bugs. Keep your kitchen and other places in your home as clean as possible.

Check around your home to make sure that there is no standing water and that there are no cracks in your foundation. Ensure that you’re keeping your garden clean and tidy to prevent bugs from entering your home.

If you want professional pest control services for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us.